Gorilla Mind is a supplement company that is gaining a lot of traction lately and becoming a more and more globally recognised brand.

Derek from More Plates More Dates started the company in 2017 focusing mainly on cognitive enhancing supplements called Nootropics.

More recently, they have expanded into exercise performance-based supplements like pre-workouts.

They also have a whole section of health supplements and even cosmetics.

When you first see a big brand like Gorilla Mind, you might first think of weightlifting and bodybuilding, which is something that they do focus on, but their customer base includes much more.

Fitness is such a broad term and it’s entrenched in many different aspects of life and how we behave. Not everyone wants to look like an IFBB pro bodybuilder, they just want to look good to the average person and be healthy.

Gorilla Mind’s products cater to the consumer who wants the most bang for their buck.

Although the branding stands out, the bulk of their efforts clearly go into producing highly effective formulas.

They often accompany big product launches with over-hour-long videos breaking down the product in elaborate detail, with clinical studies to support their ingredient combinations and dosages.

This is something we have not seen from any other company, and they are clearly taking things to another level to stand out in this industry.