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Nour Khodr, a musician, social media manager, music marketer, and surfer, has learned a lot in his few years of experience. Now that he is running his social media agency, Top Talent, he has some essential tips to share that every young entrepreneur can learn from.

Just like all the other entrepreneurs, Nour Khodr had his fair share of struggles too. He faced a lot of challenges in his career and dealt with some failures. But Nour is someone who learns from his mistake, rectifies them, and always tries to be the better version of him.

Here are the top Lessons Nour Khodr has to share with us.

1. You always win some and lose some

When you try to be a better version of yourself, you will always be stuck with some failures you have to deal with. During this process, you will lose a lot of things, and you will gain a lot of good things as well,” says Nour. One of the foundations of being a good leader is to learn and improve. And learning comes from repeatedly trying. If something doesn’t work, you try other things. Test them and try new approaches to see whether the new strategy will work or not.

2. Selecting the wrong audience


When you are just beginning to test the waters, you will often make mistakes that will lead you nowhere. Nour says, “one mistake that I made when I was marketing my campaigns was selecting the wrong audience.” Segmenting the audience is an important thing to do. Of course, it will take time, but what is essential to understand is that not everyone will be interested in your work. And this rule applies everywhere, no matter what you are trying to sell.

3. Taking feedback negatively

Nour Khodr takes criticism as feedback. He says, “no one likes to see negative comments reflecting on his or her post. But these criticisms can tell a lot about where we are going wrong. Not every criticism will be constructive, but most of them will be. One needs to look at the viewers’ comments and try and understand why someone likes content and why someone doesn’t. Once the analogy is made, then begins the strategic planning process.

4. Not focusing on correcting oneself

Feeling disheartened is quite a normal feeling, but not doing anything about the mistakes is entirely wrong. Social media can be pretty cruel, but it is the same platform where people receive love from others. One needs to know what they are doing wrong and try to correct it.