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Chairman of the committee probing happenings that led to the violence that erupted at Ejura causing the death of two persons Justice George Kingsley Koomson has said he does not have any personal expectations after the submission of his report and recommendations.

The committee today, July 16, completed its twelve-day sitting where 22 witnesses appeared before them.

Three of the witnesses testified in-camera for security reasons. While 117 videos, 555 pictures, one audio, and 3 documents were submitted to the committee by various witnesses.

Speaking to the media after the final sitting, Justice Koomson said he will continue his life as usual after he is done with the committee’s work.

He stated “every witness who came to us, now, was truthful. It is only when we sit down to examine and make our findings that we can determine this person was not telling the truth that person was being economical with the truth.”

“Our duty is to find the facts, make recommendations. After our recommendations, what else, I continue with my life as usual.”

He noted “I have no personal expectations. I have come to do my work once it is done and I submit my report, I’m done.”

Meanwhile, the committee says it did not set out to ridicule the media as is being purported.

Justice Koomson said that “we as a committee, we are a fact-finding committee and we have not come out to say anybody’s evidence is stupid or is irrelevant.”

“So, whoever will describe a piece of evidence as stupid or irrelevant, it is their personal opinion.”

On the controversial testimony by Multimedia’s Erastus Asare Donkor, he said “Erastus gave a lot of evidence, video and apart from that he offered oral testimony. And I don’t think any of his evidence looks stupid.”

He went on “one thing I have observed is that in the Ghanaian media, when people question some of your acts, it does not mean they want to embarrass you or ridicule you, no. If a media man comes, he testifies, he’s asked questions, he should be subjected to some form of questioning.”

“That doesn’t mean that you are being ridiculed. So, whoever thinks that the committee tried to ridicule any media personality, I would assure them we had no intention,” he added.

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