After hosting his sold-out musical concert on Thursday night, July 29, Kidi pulled up at the Christ Ambassador school to fulfill his promise to little Oswald Gennuh, whose “Our Day” celebration has gone viral.

Nine-year-old Oswald Gennuh, a pupil of the Christ Ambassadors school in Dansoman, wrote a note to his mom detailing items he expected her to buy for his big day.

Oswald’s ‘love letter’ was shared on social media and immediately, big brands jumped on with a myriad of donations to make his day special.

Other popular Ghanaian artists DopeNation and Mr Drew who retweeted to perform at the ‘Our Day’ were present to entertain the students making Oswald’s day a fulfilling one.

Kidi presented the young celebrant boxes of ice cream and with the support of Fidelity Bank helped open a bank account with an initial deposit of GHC3,000.

Over fifty brands gave Oswald a variety of gifts including Vodafone who gifted Oswald and his school free internet for a year.

They tweeted, ‘Smart kid! We love to see it. The school’s ICT lab will be connected on Vodafone Fixed Broadband connection and receive free data for a year, while our boy receives his personal Smart Surf device for the home with free data for a year so he can continue being the smart kid he is,” the company tweeted.

MTN Ghana was not left out of the surprises, the company also tweeted that they’d be sending Oswald a beautiful cake to celebrate.

“Here’s to a brighter celebration for Oswald and his school. @MTNGhana is coming through with a special cake to make Oswald and his friends “Our Day” celebration a lot brighter,” the company also tweeted.

The company also gifted Oswald with 10GB worth of data.

“Today’s celebration doesn’t just end with the cake. 10 GB data for Oswald to help him stay connected and browse educational sites this vacation. Notebooks, Pens and Water Bottles for the students,” they added. 

About Oswald’s ‘Our Day’ letter

An instructive letter from a boy to his mother to provide him with a list of items to celebrate vacation day in his school sparked a lot of reactions.

In the letter dated July 29, 2021, and titled ‘Things to Bring on Our Day’, the boy urges his mother to ”read every tiny note’.’ The first item on his list was a request for a ”big coke” for his teacher, Mrs Appiah, and further informed his mother that his teacher had permitted him to bring his iPad to school on Our Day.

For items four, five, and six, he asked his mother for a pack of biscuits and drinks, white chocolate or Easter eggs and a big size Ceres drink, respectively.

The boy also included provisions he will need for breakfast and lunch along with a schedule, asking his mother to select from the two options he had listed. Beneath the letter, the boy explained why he thought he deserved the good treat for the special day. According to the boy, he performed exceptionally well in his end-of-term exams and made her proud, urging her not to disappoint him. ”Mommy, I am begging you, don’t disappoint me on Our Day,” stressing ”It’s my day on Friday, so please don’t disappoint me. Thank you,” he said. He explained: ”Otherwise, you will ruin my day … If I don’t celebrate well, I will have to wait for a long time again. I didn’t disappoint you in the exam, so please don’t disappoint me.’

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