File Photo: Mobile Money vending point
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The Mobile Money Agents Association of Ghana has welcomed a decision by parliament to probe the increasing attacks on its members.

Speaker of Parliament Alban Bagbin tasked the defence and interior committees of parliament to investigate high rates of robbery incidents against mobile money operators and provide recommendations to the House.

Excerpts of a statement signed by General Secretary of the association Evan Otunfuor read “leadership of the MoMo Agents Association of Ghana deems this as a good call and very timely. Hundreds of Ghanaians have lost their lives, some deformed, maimed, millions of cedis lost over the period through gunshots, acid baths and fraud.”

“As a result of these, families who depend on these businessmen and women are left behind without any form of support from the institutions that be.”

The statement went on “the mobile money sector and its accompanying challenges are becoming so critical that as a nation, considering the roles and contribution of mobile money operators, the sector must be placed on the sector of the economy to ensure that the operators are given the needed support.”

“The MoMo industry kees expanding and it’s really about time for the government to take a keen interest in the security of MooMo operators and the sector, holistically, to deal with increasing attacks on the industry. This means that the sector will become safer and attractive to potential investors and consequently increase employment,” it added.

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