Ing. Dr. Kenneth Ashigbey, CEO -Ghana Telecommunications Chamber is chairman of the nomination board
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Nomination for the EIB Network’s customers service recognition and award scheme ‘The People’s Favourite’ has been announced.

The nomination places the various brands and products in respective categories following their selection by the public through social media engagement.

The public was requested to nominate their favourite brands and products by mentioning them following various posts on the Network’s handles which requested the people to mention their experiences with brands.

Speaking at the nomination announcement Friday, CEO of the Ghana Telecommunications Chamber Ing. Dr Kenneth Ashigbey, who is the chairman of the board said: “Our hope is that brands will take this very seriously and be able to listen to what the customers are telling them and in the process improve their services. It’s very important for smaller brands to realize that you can catapult yourself from a smaller brand to a bigger brand by paying attention to your customers”.

Below are details of the nomination list

Following the announcement, members of the public will have to vote to decide on which of the brands in the respective categories is their favourite by way of customer care.

According to management of the EIB Network, the awards will be an annual scheme that will give the public an exclusive right to decide which brand or corporate entity stands out by way of customer care and experience.


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