File photo: Residents protest in Ejura following the murder of an activist

The legal advisor to the family of the late Ibrahim Mohammed, popularly known as Kaaka, Oliver Barker Vormawor has expressed his disappointment with the work of the three-member committee tasked to investigate the circumstances leading to the death of two persons after some military officers opened fire on a protesting crowd in Ejura in the Ashanti Region.

It follows the committee’s conclusion that Kaaka’s death cannot be linked to his activism on social media but probably a family feud.

“We, after careful examination of the evidence relating to the events preceding the death of “Kaaka”, are convinced that the evidence as testified to by Sadia Fuscini is more reasonably probable than the unsubstantiated evidence of Abeewakas and Sahada Hudu which are more speculative.

“We accordingly find that, the death of “Kaaka” was not directly linked to his social media activism. It is more probably a family feud. This is also supported by the testimony of Aminu Mohammed a resident of Ejura and a friend of the late Kaaka”, excerpts of the report read.

But Oliver Barker Vormawor, the legal advisor to Kaaka’s family reacting to the report on Starr Today with Naa Dedei Tettey rejected the finding of the committee saying that the report if full of inconsistencies. According to Barker Vormawor who flayed the committee for a “poor” job, it was not in the mandate of the Justice Koomson led committee to determine the cause of the death for Kaaka.

“Having gone through the report it reads like a badly prepared high school homework. Terribly justified. It tends to be entirely inconsistent, between the findings they make and the conclusions they arrive at. And even the recommendation do not particularly make sense. For me, I am particularly disappointed by the committee’s own assessment when it was questioned by Kaaka widow whether or not they had any mandate to investigate the death of Kaaka and as to who killed Kaaka. Where they said on record that they did not. And already there were problematic questions on that day that suggested that there was a misalignment between what the understanding of what their mandate is and what they were seeking to do in influencing public opinion. The report now confirms it”.

He continued “They go on to describe what they believe as to who killed Kaaka and beyond that they even make allegation believing that it is a result of a family feud. There is no basis for that conclusion. Even the witness they rely on did not talk about any family feud existing before. So it very strange as to how they arrive at some of the conclusions they arrive at. And this confirms some of the hesitations a lot of people had about the work of the committee and particularly what it was set up to do”.

Vormawor further criticized the committee for not comprehensively addressing the misconduct of the military that resulted in deaths and injuries on the day of the incident

“I am disappointed about what the report has done, not only for the family of Kaaka but entirely for the community of Ejura, because when you walk away from this report, you get the sense that they were at pains to make light of the pain of the Ejura community. They were at pains to dismiss the justified feeling of angst and disappointment in the work of institutions of Ejura. But most importantly they left very little said about the military misconduct that caught light in Ejura and I think that is disappointing,” Mr. Vormawor stated.

The committee has among others recommended adequate Compensation for the families of the two deceased persons, namely, Abdul Nasir Yusif and Murtala Suraj Mohammed. Adequate compensation must also be paid to other injured persons, namely Louis Ayikpa (20 years), Awal Misbau (16 years) and Nasif Nuhu (30 years). These are the names known to the Committee.


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