Education think-thank, the Africa Education Watch, has made a strong case for the GES to sanction the interdicted headmaster who flogged a student at the Jachie-Pramso Senior High School.

Francis Donkor reportedly beat the student mercilessly for giving his jacket to another student accused of dressing indecently.

He has been summoned by the Bosomtwe District Education Directorate after photographs of the student with the wounds of the assault were circulated.

A research fellow at the Africa Education Watch Divine Kpe told Starr News that the GES must go beyond the interdiction.

He said “the interdiction is welcome because we need to make this so clear that you cant treat our students like that even if they have wronged, and we want to discipline them we have to do it in a more sublime way. And not in a way that will inflict body pain on them or to the extent of them having an injury, that is so unexpected.

“So, I’m okay with the swift nature the GES has taken steps to investigate this issue.”

He added “interdiction is just a step, we are yet to carry out a full-scale investigation to come out with details as to how the whole thing happened. And I’m sure it will attract another level of punishment or sanction.”

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