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There has been a significant flux of artists and aspirants in the make-up industry in the last decade. The market generates over $600 billion a year globally, and the numbers are only increasing. For people looking for credible information and insights within this niche, celebrity artist Kristina Nazaryan has three make-up tips that can help them instantly glam up any look or style.

First things first, nothing is as essential as starting fresh for Kristina Nazaryan. Successful makeup can only be applied on skin that has been appropriately washed, exfoliated, and moisturized, Nazaryan believes. Moreover, every makeup artist ought to be careful of their choice of products since they go a long way in enhancing your skin.

Talking about eye makeup, Kristina couldn’t stress enough the importance of a great curler. If a person goes without makeup, with only the best-curled eyelashes in a room- they won’t have much to worry about. Gel pencil liners work magically in any situation, Kristina adds.

Lastly, Kristina wants you to remember that makeup is all about adding that extra glow to your face. Therefore, she always recommends going for a warm, golden look that illuminates the face and leverages the entire look.

According to Kristina Nazaryan, these are some of the most helpful hacks that can elevate your look on any occasion. She has employed some of these tricks on various important settings herself- while working with the Royals of UAE, while performing onstage in the famed Dubai Bridal Show, and even while doing her makeup!

Kristina Nazaryan has been running a VIP makeup service- I Luv Me since 2018. Nazaryan has come a long way from being a solo makeup artist to an esteemed role model for numerous makeup and beauty enthusiasts out there. We sincerely hope that this uphill trajectory continues in her life, and she lets us in on similar makeup secrets in the future!