Pyxera Global a non-profit organisation has partnered with Master Card Foundation to registered over 200 micros, small and medium scale enterprises in the Western Region.

The registration which was funded by Master Card Foundation is an opportunity for these enterprises to register their businesses with the Registrar General’s Department at a subsidised fee.

According to Pyxera Global, the ravages of covid 19 pandemic adversely affected businesses especially, micro, small and medium scale enterprises. However, through the government covid recovery plan, some were able to revive their business through the government’s stimulus package. Others were unable to benefit owing to the lack of business registration certificates and proper documentation.

Speaking in an interview with Empire News, the programme director MSME Covid 19 Recovery and Resilience Programme at Pyxera Global, Kofi Koomson noted this help MSMEs formalise their business.

He explained that “We are working closely with the registrar generals department, helping these businesses to formalise, we’ve realised that the government attention is actually turning to the growth of MSMEs, so what we hope to do is to help these businesses register and get formalised with registrar generals department and by so doing they will be able to position their businesses to embrace some of these opportunities and support”.

He further stressed on the need for businesses to take advantage of the avenue given, since it will, in turn, open their eyes to greater opportunities they can embrace to expand “from the data we’ve collected so far a lot of these micro-businesses have operated several years without registration so as a result there are a lot of business opportunities they could have embraced but they have not realised since they are not registered.”

“They are always at the mercy of middlemen who use them to secure bigger contracts oh their hindsight” he added.

The MSME Covid 19 Recovery and Resilience Programme is aimed at helping ten thousand micro small and medium scale enterprises in the country and is majorly skewed towards women-owned businesses. The programme is absolving fifty per cent of the total registration fee of sixty Ghana Cedis.
The participants were satisfied with the opportunity given them.

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