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Retiring Managing Director of the Ghana Post Mr. James Kwofie has been hailed for injecting transformation into the company that has manifested in its current state.

In February 2017, Mr. James Kwofie was appointed by President Akufo Addo to the office of Managing Director of Ghana Post, with the mandate of revamping the Postal Service.

Through visionary leadership and innovation, James was able to shift the fortunes of the Ghana Post by doubling revenue during his tenure, even under the pressures of the negative effects of covid-19.

Product diversification, customer focus, new commercial drive and change in work culture were the key drivers that drove this great feat for a state-owned organization.

This was made possible by adopting a new vision, mission and corporate core values. He implemented structural changes including the creation of a separate Commercial Division to concentrate on all the commercial activities which then enabled the operations department, which hitherto combined this responsibility, to concentrate on deliveries and mail activities.  The Commercial Department brought Ghana Post onto social media and e-commerce space.

In the first year, a customer-friendly corporate website was built for effective communication between the public and Ghana Post, not forgetting the ultra-modern call centre and the creation of a customer service department which is delivering excellent service.

Commending him for his efforts in a citation reads in part “ you were not afraid to roll your sleeves and get into the job. Indeed you turn a hopeless situation into one of pride. A visionary leader who is able to rally a perfect team to deliver results. Never in our wildest thoughts did we think Ghana Post can come up to speed so fast”.