To dream big and achieve bigger involves a considerable amount of hard work, resilience, fortitude, sacrifice, and innovation.

Yet, as all entrepreneurs know, a positive mindset is the most crucial trait anyone can possess if they are to pursue a journey of personal and professional growth.

Staying positive in the most difficult circumstances is something Samuel Cardillo knows all about. As the CTO of RTFKT Studios, Samuel Cardillo is optimistic about the future because he believes optimism and positivity can change the world.


“When two people are faced with the same situation, one may see a problem, while the other may see a challenge, depending on whether they are a negative or positive person,” explained Samuel Cardillo, before adding, “They say a pessimist is never disappointed, but the flip-side of that coin is, an optimist is never satisfied. When you have a positive can-do attitude, you constantly look for what can be improved and transformed. This is quite literally rocket fuel for your personal and professional growth.”


A desire for self-improvement and the strive to be the best version of himself are things that came instinctively to Samuel Cardillo at a young age. The Belgium-born technology whizz was introduced to computers at the tender age of four, courtesy of an old and battered Commodore 64. Four years later, he was building his own websites, and by the age of 14, he had quit school to pursue his passion for IT full-time. It was a big risk, but Cardillo remained positive he was on the right track, and fate proved him right. He has since enjoyed a notable and lucrative career in big tech, and he attributes a positive mindset as being integral to his meteoric rise.


Samuel Cardillo explained, “Self-belief and positivity go hand-in-hand. When you believe in yourself, you believe you can make the world a better place. I think that’s what first attracted me to the field of technology. The future of humanity relies upon it, and I’m a firm advocate that it can be used to help build a brighter and better future for all. At the end of the day, positivity is contagious, and it creates its own momentum. It can transform your mindset and take you places you’ve never dreamed of.”