Cocoa carriers have resumed duty after a week-long sit-down strike demanding better pay.

After a series of meeting with management of Cocobod, the carries have resume work today.

Prior to the strike, carriers were earning 62 pesewas per bag, a pay deemed low. Upon downing their tools, Cocobod offered an additional 20 pesewas tallying their pay per bag to 82 pesewas.

This offer was equally rejected as carriers were demanding 1 cedi per bag.

Speaking to GHOne business on resumption of duty, Raymond Atanga, chairperson of Cocoa Carriers said the decision to resume duty is for greater good.

“We have met with top management of Cocobod and CMC and had fruitful deliberations. Per our discussions, Cocobod made us aware of a breakdown of communication between our contractors and the board. Our grievances do not reach or and if they do, not in entirety.”

At the tail end of the deliberations, Raymond said Cocobod has assumed its fair share of responsibility in the industrial standstill.

“Cocobod has accepted that they haven’t treated cocoa carriers well. From our end, we’ve also acknowledged that our standstill does not only hurt Cocobod and CMC but the whole country. As such, we have accepted their current offer.”

According to the cocoa carriers, Cocobod has agreed beyond pay to relook at their working terms. With concerns rife about the health and safety of cocoa carriers, Cocobod has promised that before next season, measures will be in place to safeguard the health of carriers and treatment of health complications arising from the job.

With cocoa carriers settling for 82 pesawas instead of the 1 cedi per bag, the carriers are resuming work with the promise that Cocobod among other conditions will deliberate and reconsider the pay of cocoa carriers through this season and kick off the new season with new rates.


Source: Ghana/ Oganga