Depending on who you ask, the ingredients needed to achieve success keep differing. This leaves many people confused about what it takes to become successful. According to Ahmad J. Azmi, it shouldn’t be confusing as long as the path you pursue gets you there. In Ahmad’s case, hard work and dedication will get you past the finishing line.

Success is often a long winding journey that will throw you curveballs at every possible chance. However, it should not hold you back from pursuing it. After spending eight years in the military, Ahmad J. Azmi has learned a lot about hard work and dedication. He has applied this knowledge to his entrepreneurial journey and it has unlocked success.

Hard work is often written off as unnecessary in today’s world. Most people believe that hard work means working yourself to the bone. Whether you believe in working hard or being smart, the concept is the same. Ahmad states that the bottom line is to put your energy into what you are doing. This is something that is enforced with dedication.

Dedication entails that you commit to your goal. Most people know that they want to be successful; however, they lack the commitment to actualize their vision. Ahmad says that pursuing entrepreneurship was a difficult switch, but his passion helped him strengthen his dedication. It is easier to be dedicated to something when you have a passion for it; thus, it becomes easier to achieve success.

Hard work and dedication have helped Ahmad grow Geek Solutions, his successful IT consulting Staffing Company. He has also ventured into flipping and investing in communities to help veterans get job placements.

Ahmad J. Azmi says that you can achieve anything you want in life with hard work and dedication. According to him, these two traits encompass everything else you need to accomplish your goal.