Gmail app has become the fourth Google application on Android to ever hit a total of 10 billion installs.

Other apps by Google that has previously surpassed the milestone are the Google Play Services app, YouTube, and Google Maps. With the practice of actually having a lot of Android devices come preinstalled Google products,  Gmail is just the latest on the threshold of Google apps to have surpassed the 10 billion download mark.


Gmail for Android phones was launched far back in 2004 and has remained quite popular amongst Android users ever since. Asides from being a default app on many new Android phones today, the Gmail app has also proved over the years to be a crucial addition in productivity apps for both students and professionals who daily send and receive files and messages.

With loads of features being added to the app today, the app is no longer just an email client either. Google has made it an all-around communication platform, through the integration of other core Google services like Meet and Hangouts.

Over the years, Gmail has also witnessed a number of alternatives from Google itself, which may have likely slowed the progress of hitting the 10 billion installs mark.

This product includes Google’s Inbox app, which became really popular after its launch but was eventually retired for one reason or the other. Also on the alternative list is the Gmail Lite app, a lighter app that offers all important functionalities similar to the default Gmail app for lower-end devices like entry-level budget smartphones.

Some of the exciting features you’ll find on Gmail for the web and the Gmail apps is that one that allows users to recall emails within different time frames given its options of varying time periods which ranges from five to ten, twenty or thirty seconds for users to cancel a sent email against the previous standard five-second window to recall a message sent in error.

Although there is no clue as to which of the available Google apps will cross the next 10 billion mark, however, according to reports online, Chrome Browser for Android may just step into that space.

The popular browser is one of the most common finds on any Android phone today, also the default browser app in phones by many OEMs. The app is known for its speed great tab management and ever-growing feature-set users are never tired of, Chrome is one of the most popular browsers you’ll find around.