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The Ghana Association of Certified Registered Anaesthetists has warned that their continuous strike action can lead to more deaths at hospitals.

According to the Association, the Ministry of Health and other relevant bodies who are adamant to the strike know their worth, “but like I said it is normal in Ghana people want to see dead bodies before they react.”

“I can confidently tell you that even Korle Bu has canceled all booked cases. Now KATH is not attending to any other surgery. And when this drags on people are going to die. We’ve had engagements unofficially. The strike has been on for four days and the NLC has been quiet. This means they know we have a case.

“The people that are going to suffer from this are the pregnant women and their unborn children. But these are the people we are trying to protect with our actions. We are not asking for a salary increment. At this moment we do not have licenses to practice and it’s illegal. We have been put under the medical and dental council which shouldn’t be,” the National Public Relations Officer of the Association Seth Mark Andoh told Francis Abban on Morning Starr Tuesday.

The Association of Certified Registered Anaesthetists began their strike on Saturday, January 1, 2022, as result of what they described as the expiration of their license to operate.

The Members of the Association are expected to renew their license with the Medical and Dental Council, which makes them eligible to practice.

But, the Association says they cannot register with a body they have no affiliation with.

“We are fighting to avoid making us slaves by the medical and dental council. Revising the scope of practice means after administering Anesthesia, we have to write a doctor’s name as the professional who administers it, and we will write our names as assistants,” the PRO reiterated.

Source: Ghana/ Dzidzoamenu