The Registrar- General’s Department has delisted 2,788 companies from its companies register for defaulting to file their annual returns with the department.

According to a press release by the department, the said companies were delisted for failing to comply with a directive issued by the department to file their annual returns.

The exercise was carried out in accordance with section 289 of the companies Act 2019 (Act 992) which connotes that a company can be struck off the companies register for failing to file its annual returns on time or failing to notify the Registrar of Companies of a change in Company’s Registered office and principal place of Business.

Earlier, the department published the names of over 100,000 defaulting and dormant companies. Now the Registrar warns that these companies will be struck off the companies register as part of a cleanup exercise.

These companies include 1,374 limited by shares, companies limited by guarantee such as churches, schools, fun clubs and associations. Further, the list also includes 41 external companies and 395 voluntarily owned up companies.

The department now urges all defaulting and dormant companies who were spared the wrath of deletion to file their annual returns by 30th June 2022. Failure to which, the department warns that the entities will be removed from the companies register in phase two of delisting exercise that begins in earnest in February 2022.

In new changes, the Registrar General’s Department has announced that the penalty for late filing of annual returns will be increased from 450 Cedi to 500 Cedi after 30th June 2022.

Source: Ghana/ Oganga