Lucas Metzler is not your typical 21-year-old. Born in Rettenberg Bayern, Germany, he left college to pursue his dream of being an entrepreneur who could travel the world. A 9-5 desk job wasn’t in the cards for Metzler, the life of a digital nomad funded by passive crypto income.

While attending university, Metzler received a message from a friend asking if he would be interested in exploring cryptocurrency. Lucas Metzler realized he wanted to make this his career upon accepting the offer. He dropped out of college to entirely focus on crypto, sometimes working 10-14 hours a day. When his first business collapsed in January of 2020, he thought about giving up before deciding to pursue his dream.

Metzler attended his first network event in Stuttgart, Germany. Here, he met people making more than 10000 Euros a month while they traveled the world. This event showed Metzler the life he wanted could be attained. Hard work and inspiration from Torben Platzer paid off as Lucas Metzler is currently living his dream life in Bali.

More specifically, he is living the first stages of his dream life. Metzler’s goals start with becoming an 8-9 figure earner over the next few years and building a villa in Bali by early 2023. His other mission: to visit nearly every country in the world before turning 30. Part of this is prompted by a burning desire to travel, but the other reason is so Metzler can make vital business connections across the globe.

Lucas Metzler also seeks to share his knowledge with others, calling travel a source of energy and inspiration for his crypto career. He truly enjoys working with new investors by showing them how to get started in the world of crypto and sharing his story to inspire them to build their own dream lives. He already offers excellent information on Instagram and YouTube, known as KryptoKing, to his thousands of followers.

Lucas Metzler advises people to follow their hearts. His giving nature is demonstrated through his enjoyment of mentorship and desire to donate a significant amount of his earnings to people in poor nations. He certainly adheres to the principle of “you only live once,” but instead of being reckless, this extraordinary young man is truly living his best life.