How on earth can a country (GHANA) with an annual growth of 7%, where inflation is at 27.6 %, interest rate at 25%, unemployment at 14%, GDP of $68 billion and GDP Per capita of $2,206 be spending more on her members of legislature and executive than a country such as USA with an annual growth of 4%, 4.7% of inflation, 1.5% interest rate, 3.7% unemployment rate, and a GDP of $20.89 trillion as well as GDP Per capita of $63,413.
( sources: trading, country, CNBC, world bank data.)

It just doesn’t make sense. There is too much insanity in the system.

YES, we are Mad!!!!!!!!!!

There is a reason why we are like this and we should not pretend ever again as if we do not know why we are like this.

Could it possibly be that article 71 of the 1992 Constitution is being taken advantage of?

Don’t you think that the payment of unreasonable ex-gratia over the years has become a throat cancer for the country?

Is it that article 71 of the 1992 constitution of Ghana is a scheme to enrich some privileged individuals and families in Ghana and impoverish the masses?

An ex-gratia payment is simply any amount of money paid with no obligation to make such payment. If this meaning is valid, then it means, an ex-gratia could pass for a gift from the people of Ghana to article 71 class of public workers.

Legally, when something has been done as ex-gratia, it has been done voluntarily, out of kindness or grace.

In law, an ex-gratia payment is a payment made without the giver recognizing any liability or legal obligation.–

The question is: Why should Ghanaians be worried about the payment of exorbitant ex-gratia to already wealthy individuals?

1. It is an over-exploitation of the people of Ghana.
2. It is a legal conspiracy and a scheme to impoverish Ghanaians.
3. It is a deliberate misplace of priority
4. It portrays the insensitivity of governments to the plight of Ghanaians.

An average teacher and health worker will work for more than 25 years and go on retirement with a pension grant which is less than what an MP or Minister takes home after 4 years of service.

This is total madness!!!!

There is something wrong with us as a country.

If this becomes the routine, then how do you expect such civil servants to be patriotic and love their jobs?

Stop making capital out of the misery of the people.

Stop making political ventures more lucrative than any other venture under the sun in Ghana.


By: Bright Anderson

Note: The writer is a first year student of the University of Ghana