Gospel singer Sonnie Badu has debunked allegations that he was given $50.000 during the launch of the National Cathedral in the USA.

The  UK-based Ghanaian musician has been mentioned to have taken $50.000 from the organizers during a fundraising launch of the National Cathedral abroad.

But, in a statement Sonnie Badu’s team disclosed that “the management in the USA did not receive a dime and to date has not received any monies from the organizers.”

“During the contractual agreement, Dr. Sonnie Badu and his team were informed by the organizers that, it was a charitable even to raise funds for the cathedral, hence the organizers will send him something to give to his team.

“Management agreed to performed on these terms based on the patriotic nature of the event. The idea behind the invitation of the Artist to sing, according to the organizers of the event was to raise awareness and solicit funds for the construction of the Cathedral back home,” the statement disclosed,

Below is the full statement from Management of Sonnie Badu

Meanwhile, the National Cathedral Secretariat has confirmed they did not pay him for the performance.

The Secretariat of the National Cathedral has not paid any money, neither is it aware of any such payment, to Sonnie Badu,” the Secretariat said in a statement.

Source: Ghana/Starrfm.com.gh/103.5FM