Dr. Cadman Mills, brother of the late President Atta Mills has taken a subtle swipe at the Supreme Court saying the recent streak of unanimous rulings by the court is aimed at popular lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata.

According to the former economic advisor to the late President, he and the Atta Mills family had considered asking Mr Tsikata to join their legal team to stop former presidential spokesperson Koku Anyidoho from using the name Atta Mills for his institute.

“It is not going to be easy, it is not going to be easy; in fact Tsatsu, I thought of making a call to you to be part of the team but I am told that your record with the current judiciary is not very good,” he taunted.

He added: “Because of you, there is always the unanimous seven, you may be a legal luminary but please stay out of it.

“Finally, we will not just simply rely on the courts, I will like therefore to make an appeal to the court of public opinion which I think is the only court worthwhile”.

Dr. Cadman also noted the Atta Institute led by Mr Anyidoho is not “authorised, sanctioned and approved by the family”.