A security analyst, Adib Sani, has asked the Management of the University of Ghana (UG) to deal with criminal issues involving students outside the Institutions in order to curb  violent student agitations.

Speaking to Lily Mohammed on Starr Today Tuesday, Mr. Sani added that student vandalism on the University of Ghana campus is not new and Management must devise stiffer punishment for students.

“Until we are able to address the fundamental issues I am sorry to say that it is going to continue and this surely will not be the end.

“So students feel the Institution environment grants them immunity so there is this sense of invincibility. But, until we address the issue as they should the same way we address criminality outside of the school environment we will still have a lot of them feel protected,” the security analyst stated.

He continued: “Proper investigation will have to be carried out and whoever is found culpable should be dealt with vigorously according to the law even if it means a prison term to serve as a deterrent. But, so far I think the punishment usually has been to suspend the student or the worst case scenario sack the student.

“I don’t think that should be the end. We need to approach it just as criminals are taken to task for breaking the law. Secondly, we need to gather intelligence on campus. Sometimes, we see tension building. So we either get intelligence officers on campus as students and mix up with the population to gather information or send some officials there or agents there. So we get to know who the real trouble causers are.”

There was tension at the University of Ghana (UG) on Monday August 16, 2022 over the suspension of Commonwealth Hall Master and Senior Tutor.

Students of the Hall started protesting at 8:00am Tuesday morning over what they describe as unfair treatment of the Hall.

They were holding placards with remarks targeted at the Vice Chancellor of the University and questioned why Commonwealth Hall should be made to bear all cost for damages during the clash between them and the Mensah Sarbah Hall.

The situation forced heavy security presence in the Institution.

The Management of the University Council indicated that the Hall Master and Senior Tutor did not exhibit sufficient willingness to hold students of the Hall accountable for their actions in the recent violence between Commonwealth Hall and Sarbah Hall.

“These officers should therefore, in the interim, be relieved of their duties while management works with the security services to investigate the clashes, and works towards finding lasting solutions to the tensions between students of the two halls,” Management said.

Source: Ghana/Starrfm.com.gh/103.5FM