Over one thousand tree seedlings meant to be planted at Mampong in the Ashanti Region under the Green Ghana project have been found dumped at a refuse dump.

According to a Journalist with the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation in Mampong, Clement Kwaku Adu, his investigation has revealed that the Assembly Member for Mampong Bosofour, Hon. K. Denteh is the one who dumped the seedlings.

He told Ejura-based Naagyei FM’s Henry Lord that his checks show that the seedlings which include teak and Mahogany were given to the assemblyman by the MP for him to facilitate the planting exercise.

Clement Kwaku Adu, said when the assemblyman got wind that the MP was returning to the constituency, after failing to do his work, he hurriedly gathered the seedlings and dumped them in a bush to hide his inefficiency.

“It is instructive to note that the MP gave the assemblyman money from his own pocket to facilitate the planting of the seedlings. Instead of the assemblyman paying the field workers (people who were helping in the planting exercise) GHC20.00 a day, he rather paid them GHC10.00, so the initial group of people got angry and the assemblyman dissolved that group. He then decided to use another group to plant the trees but the exercise didn’t go well as planned and the seedlings were abandoned. So in order that the MP does not get to know how inefficient he (assemblyman) has been, the latter gathered the seedlings and dumped them in a bush.”

According to the Journalist, he’s reached out to the MP for his reaction to the issue but he’s failed to respond.

Meanwhile, the Assemblyman, Hon. K. Denteh in an interview on Naagyei FM, rubbished the claims made by the journalist, insisting that he was not responsible for dumping the seedlings.

The government budgeted about GHC 9.6 million for this year (2022) ‘Green Ghana’ project.

The Green Ghana Day was introduced in 2021, by H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo as part of an aggressive national afforestation/reforestation programme to restore the lost forest cover of Ghana and to contribute to the global effort to mitigate climate change. The maiden edition was held on June 11 2021, where an estimated 7 million tree seedlings were planted across the nation.

Source: Naagyeifmonline.com