Police in southern Nigeria has arrested three people following the discovery of 20 mummified bodies near Benin city in Edo state.

The corpses were found in a building suspected to be used for a voodoo shrine.

A police spokesman, Chidi Nwabuzor, told the BBC that the corpses of 15 men, three women and two children were discovered.

It is not clear how long they had been there.

He added that armed police officers and local vigilantes had raided the building just outside the city following a tip-off.

The police suspect the bodies had been brought in from a morgue as they still had identification tags on them.

Mr Nwabuzor said a suspect arrested at the scene where the bodies were found said that the owner of the place – who is now at large – was a former mortician at a hospital.

The discovery has shocked the country and residents in the area say they were horrified.

Many are asking how the bodies could have been hidden there without neighbours noticing any suspicious activities.

Source: BBC