The Minority in Parliament has urged the government to deal with the issues with the acquisition of the Ghana card.

According to the Minority, the latest sim cards re-registration extension announced by the Minister of Communication will come to naught until the challenges confronting the acquisition of the Ghana card is fully addressed.

“We are unperturbed and unconcerned about whether she did it reluctantly or willingly all we are interested in is the fact that she has to comply with common sense and logic to do the extension whether it is willingly is none our of business,” the ranking member of Communication Committee, Sam George told Naa Dedei Tettey on the Morning Starr Monday.

He continued “She serves the people of this country and she must do what is the will and wish of the majority of the Ghanaian people. The deadline that has been extended for me, I said it last time that if you just extend the deadline without necessarily dealing with the root cause of why Ghanaians are unable to register before the deadline you will get to the deadline and have the problem.”

The lawmaker further advised the Ministry to deal with issues of the acquisition of the National Identification card to have a smooth process, “people don’t have the software that you are demanding for.

“Until and unless there is a holistic approach to dealing with the acquisition of the Ghana card by the majority of the Ghana people or the Minister complying actually with real dictates of the law is.

“Which is allow people to register with their driving license, their passport with their voter ID or the Ghana Card, you will continue to have this problem.”

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