Leading global sustainability organization, the World Sustainability Organization has collaborated with the Fort Group to certify sustainability-conscious fashion brands in Ghana, with its internationally recognized Sustainable Fashion Certification.

Sustainable fashion is a movement and process of fostering change in fashion products and the fashion system, toward greater ecological integrity and social justice.

In Ghana, sustainable fashion has seen a rise over the years; with the Ghanaian fashion industry and brands embracing the sustainability approach to creating long-term value; by taking into consideration how they operate in the ecological, social, and economic environments.

Director of the World Sustainability Organization, Paolo Bray has encouraged Ghanaian fashion brands to take advantage of the WSO’s internationally recognized Sustainable Fashion Certification which offers immense benefits to brands globally “The WSO’s Sustainable Fashion Certification helps to build trust between buyers and retailers, providing certified brands with global promotion, international press releases, one on one access with potential buyers, amongst other benefits. Certified fashion brands also get the opportunity to display their pieces for the global market, during the WSO’s annual Fashion Show which takes place in Milan, Italy.”

In order to receive the certification, the World Sustainability Organization must verify compliance with strict sustainability requirements, including the protection of wild fauna and flora, as well as sustainable water, energy, waste management, and socially responsible practices employed by selected fashion brands across Ghana.

Paolo Bray has assured of the World Sustainability Organization’s dedication to reviewing and certifying deserving fashion brands; to further expose them to a global audience and increase the reputation of sustainability-conscious Ghanaian fashion brands through its internationally recognized sustainability certifications.

The WSO is an international organization that promotes sustainability by certifying eco-friendly brands. The WSO’s certification program is designed as a tool to enable consumers to identify verified sustainable brands to shop sustainably.

The World Sustainability Organization has a presence in over 70 countries, over 1,000 companies certified, and certifications are represented on over 3,000 products globally.

For further details on the World Sustainability Organization’s Sustainable Fashion Certification, contact the Fort Group at fortgroupofcompanies@gmail.com, or call (+233) 20-198-3046.

Source: Ghana/Starrfm.com.gh/