A private legal practitioner, Justice Abdulai is calling for a review of the charges against galamsey businesswoman, Huang Ruixia alias Aisha Huang who is facing trial in Ghana.

Speaking on Starr Today with Lily Mohammed on Thursday, Justice Abdulai catalogued a number of reasons the charge sheet should be reviewed which includes working in Ghana without lawful authority.

He added that madam Huang can only have the highest punishment under the laws of the country when the charges preferred against her are reviewed.

“We are informed that indeed Aisha was deported and also she sneaked back into the country. We are informed that she has engaged in some activities after she attempted registering for the second time. In all these chain of events at every point in time a chargeable crime is committed.

“The alleged deportation and sneaking was clearly unlawful. There were no legal basis for her to sneak out and what that it means is that her return was made without any legal authority. Because she did not obtain the consent of the republic of Ghana. Indeed, we are informed that she sneaked in, that is why the President said she changed her identity before returning to Ghana,” Justice Abdulai stated.

He continued: “Now, clearly that amounts to fraud because we know her and who she is. Indeed, there are allegations that she might have probably done plastic surgery among other things. If any of these are true that’s a crime on its own.”

According to Justice Abdulai, Aisha Huang had committed some crimes before her deportation or repatriation from the country.

“Now when you put all these together with the current one we are getting close to ten crimes. Yet she has been charged with only two. Clearly, that is not impressive enough. That doesn’t show the level of indignity that Ghanaians are seeing at this moment.

“The level of disrespect that she has shown in our system can only be corrected with the appropriate sanctions meted out to her. So that when convicted she can possibly have the highest form of punishment allowable under our laws,” he added.

However, the Lawyer for Aisha Huang, Nkrabea Effah Darteh has refuted allegations on the charge sheet that his client sneaked out of the country.

Addressing the media after the court proceedings on Wednesday, September 14, 2022, Mr. Effah Dartey indicated that he was preparing to defend Aisha Huang on her first arrest just for him to be told that she has been flown out of Ghana.

“I was defending Aisha Huang at the High Court Criminal One room. On the day that we will open our defense, the Attorney General entered Nolle prosequi which means don’t prosecute. Then the Attorney General took my client away from the court.

“The next day what I heard was that my client has been flown out of Ghana back to China or wherever, but out of Ghana. I didn’t understand why the Attorney General did not allow us to finish the case. I think it was a wrong move,” Mr. Effah Dartah narrated.

He continued: “Today, we were told that she sneaked out of Ghana. Which is a blatant untruth. An inaccurate statement which was made to the court, very sad and most unfortunate.”

Source: Ghana/Starrfm.com.gh/103.5FM