The Chairman of the Political Affairs Committee of the Convention Peoples Party(CPP) Kwame Jantuah has cautioned President Akufo-Addo against using his Sunday national address an as avenue to respond to the latest issues raised by ex-President John Mahama.

Mr Mahama speaking at the “Building The Ghana We Want” lecture on Thursday evening at the University of Professional Studies, Accra was very critical of the Akufo-Addo government’s abysmal management of the economy which has left many Ghanaians reeling under economic hardship.

The former first gentleman, however, proffered some solutions to the current economic challenges facing the nation including cutting the budget to the Office of The President and stopping public funding of the construction of the National Cathedral.

Speaking on the Weekly Review segment on the Morning Starr on Starr FM Friday, Lawyer Jantuah said the President must rather heed the positive advice from his predecessor and not use his upcoming address as a counter platform.

“I expect on Sunday that the President will not come and repeat some of the things he’s been repeating. He should come and give fresh alternatives, fresh things that Ghanaians can say we are gradually beginning to have confidence in our President. By the next two years when he leaves we can all say that we went wow, we went through a crisis but President Akufo-Addo was able to take us out of it. That is what we are looking for, he shouldn’t even go to Mahama’s speech, he shouldn’t go there. That is ex-President Mahama’s speech, he knows why he said what he said. People will look at it and say yes he said this and that.

“He is the President, so the speech that he gives to us should give us confidence, and comfort and move the country forward. I would have loved it after President Akufo Addo’s speech on Sunday, that week he’ll call a meeting of himself, ex-President Mahama, ex-President Kufuor if he can make it, reps of Chiefs, reps of civil society, MPs, Judges, let’s all sit around the table and let’s see how we can bring what the former President has said, and what I have said together as a template to move this country forward. That will be fantastic.”