President Akufo-Addo has issued a four-week ultimatum to the Director-General of the State Interest and Governace Authority (SIGA), to submit a report on the cause of infractions cited in the 2021 Auditor General’s report.

“I am directing the Director-General of SIGA to work with the Auditor General, who is here with us, to drill down to the causes of the infractions, identify persons responsible and make the necessary recommendations as prescribed by law,” he said while addressing Board Chairs of State Owned Enterprises at the Banquet Hall of the Jubilee House.

This year’s Auditor General’s report for 2021 revealed a number of infractions, malfeasances, corrupt practices, and recommendations on public accounts.

At least ¢17.4 billion in financial irregularities were flagged by the Auditor-General in its latest report.

President Akufo-Addo however demanded answers from the Board of the various entities.

“Today, as we dialogue, I want to know from you what you believe are the causes and for us to agree on solutions to address these infractions pointed out by the Auditor-General and the 2020 State Ownership Reports. I want to see a marked improvement in these reports next year. Things must change.”

The President warned of serious sanctions under the SIGA law for mismanagement, negligence, and outright malfeasance, and entreated the various SOEs to refrain from acts that would bring the government into disrepute.