Notwithstanding the current global economic challenges which is having a devastating effect on the Ghanaian economy, it appears most Ghanaians have enormous confidence in the Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu to provide a more reliable leadership at the next polls in 2024.

A research by UK-based Info and Assessment Research anticipates a straight fight between Vice President  Bawumia and former President Mahama at the next polls, and they subjected the two to a poll,  asking respondents from a nationwide sample size of 254,759 potential voters who will they vote for in the next elections in 2024 between Dr. Bawumia and former President Mahama.

The UK based research group reports that out of the number sampled,  46% said they would vote for Vice President Bawumia as Ghana’s next leader, while 35% said they would vote for former President John Mahama.

Interestingly, as many as 19% said they won’t vote for either of them because the parties they both represent, NPP and NDC are the same.

Both Vice President Bawumia and former President Mahama are expected to win their party’s nominations for the 2024 Presidential elections.

While the 2024 elections would be Mahama’s third time at the poll, and the second attempt to stage a comeback after being ousted in 2016, it will be Bawumia’s first time of seeking the mandate of Ghanaians to lead the country.

Dr. Bawumia has however contested four times as running mate of Nana Akufo-Addo, and has been supporting the President as Vice President since 2017.

The Info and Assessment Research poll also focused on other areas including the economy, impact of covid-19 and Russia and Ukraine war on the economy, trusting Mahama, among others.

Below is the report by the research group:

Poll conducted by Info Research and Assessment UK Limited from 27th October to 3rd November, 2022:

– This polling was conducted on a sample size of 254,759 people in all the regions in the Republic of Ghana.

This was a face to face polling where Ghanaians were interviewed specific Questions.

– Margin of error is +/-2%.

– 67% of those interviewed are registered voters with both Voter ID and and Ghana card said they will likely vote in 2024 elections.

– 20% said there are registered voters but do not have a Ghana card yet but may not vote because they are disappointed in both leading parties.

13% said they are yet to register and vote but do have a Ghana Card.

 -Polling Questions.

1. Do you think Ghana has been affected by covid-19, the war in Ukraine and that this is the reason for the hardship.

-52.5% said yes

-45.5% said No

-2% said not sure.

2. Were you inspired by the recent Nana Addo’s speech on the Economy.

-47 said yes

-45 said No

-8% said not sure.

3. Were you inspired by the recent speeches given by Ex-President Mahama on the Economy.

-35% said Yes.

-37% said No.

-28% said Mahama is not fit to give such speeches on the economy because they know his record on the Economy when he was president ,his corruption record and incompetence baggage makes him a liability to Ghana

3. Who will you vote for in 2024 between Mahama and Bawumia.

-46% said Bawumia

-35% said Mahama

-19% said they will not vote at all because both parties are the same

4. Do you trust Mahama to do better as president than he did in his first time?

-36% said Yes

-47% said No

-17% said not sure but they know Mahama was too corrupt as president in all the infrastructural projects and procurement process he did especially Airbus Scandal.

5. Do you trust Bawumia to do a better job.

-51% said yes

-42% said no.

-7% said not sure but Bawumia is a liar.

6. Do you trust Dr Duffour to do a better job than Mahama as NDC candidate?

-47% said yes.

-35% said no because he has no record or experience as president

-18% said not sure but he represents a breath of fresh air better than corrupt Mahama.

7 Will you trust Alan Cash as president?

-41% said yes.

-37 said No.

-22% said they will not vote at all if NPP choses him as this shows clearly the NPP party is too Akan and tribalistic.

8. If elections are held today,what are the issues will you consider as basis to vote.

-31% said the economy.

-33% said corruption

-31% said FreeSHS

-4.5% percent said other factors.

9. Which party will you vote for in 2024 and why?.

-41% said NPP because they believe they are better managers of the economy despite the recent Global Economy downturn in the midst of covid-19 and war in Ukraine.

– 35% said NDC but this depends on who they chose as presidential candidate.

– 24% said both parties are the same and will sit at home and not vote at all.

Info and Assessment Research is an independent organization operating in 17 African countries.

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