EIB Save A Soul Foundation in partnership with Kasapa FM‘s Anidaso family has presented a cheque of ₵10,000 to support 15 months baby Manasseh with no anus, to undergo surgery.

The amount was raised through a seed sowing project on Kasapa FM’s Anidaso show which airs every weekday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

According to baby Manasseh’s medical report, the toddler who was born at New Adubiasi was born with no anus (anorectal malformation), hydrocephalus (big head), and scoliosis of the spine as well as abnormal limps (radial aplasia).

He has gone through multiple surgeries in which the reconstruction of his rectum is halfway done. Manasseh is in need of a sum of GHC 20,000 to complete the reconstruction and correct his spine and palm. 

The family of the baby could not hide their joy over the support they have received. They expressed their profound gratitude to the EIB Save A Soul Foundation and promised to use the money for the intended purpose. Manasseh’s mother, 23-year-old Ruth Boafo, is pleading with sympathizers and the general public to help baby Manasseh so he is not affected by the stigma that will surround his condition.

Ruth, who is a petty trader, says baby Manasseh had parts of his colon perforated to allow him to pass waste. She said, baby Manasseh’s condition has forced her out of work and has made life difficult for her, especially with getting funds for his surgeries.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Manager for EIB Network, Adriana Akosua Adjei who presented the cheque in an interview with Kasapafmonline.com said her outfit is entreating the general public to help raise the remaining amount to save Manasseh’s life

She was supported by the Business Manager for Twi Cluster (EIB Network), Charles Nana Debrah to do the presentation.

The surgery is to be performed at the 37 Military Hospital in Accra for the baby.