President Akufo-Addo says Twitter’s decision to fold up its satellite office in Africa is unfortunate.

“We had looked forward to its presence,” he told journalists in the US.

The President added: “It was not too long ago that it was up, but I understand it is part and parcel of a global restructuring of a company that is taking place under the new owner.”

“I think that is very unfortunate that, that should take place. The more organisations like that have local outlets, the better for all of us.”

The tumultuous start to Elon Musk’s reign saw sweeping reductions in the workforce at the social media company.

Musk’s Twitter laid off nearly all the employees in its only African office just four days after it opened in the Ghanaian capital Accra.

reports say that only one employee appears to have been retained in the Ghana office after the global job cuts.

“It’s very insulting,” one former employee said in an interview with CNN. “They didn’t even have the courtesy to address me by name. The email just said ‘see attached’ and yet they used my name when they gave me an offer.”

Musk has fired half of Twitter staff, ushered out most of the top executives, and ordered the remaining staff to stop working from home.

The company has reportedly also made huge reductions in India, one of its biggest markets. It laid off more than 90% of its staff in Asia’s third-largest economy last weekend, according to a Bloomberg report.