The stadium was built temporarily and has its last match scheduled on December 5 between Brazil and South Korea

Stadium 974, built with 974 containers and symbolic of the country’s international dial code, is set to be dismantled after the last match scheduled in the stadium takes place on Monday, December 5.

The dismantled stadium could be shipped to countries that need infrastructure, according to several reports.

Brazil and South Korea will play the last World Cup match in the only non-air-conditioned stadium after which ‘the containers and super-structure will be reused,’ the official website states.

Matches in this stadium have only been scheduled during evening hours when temperatures are comparatively cooler than the daytime, due to its lack of air-conditioning.

There are also plans set in place for the other stadiums after the tournament ends.

Stadium 974 is hosting seven games in total with the final one scheduled on Monday, December 5. The stadium has a capacity of up to 44,089 and is located in Ras Abu Aboud, Doha.

The stadium is an ode to Qatar’s commitment to cost-effective sustainability and is the first fully demountable covered football stadium.

Credit: Arabian Business