Education Minister Dr. Yaw Adutwum

The Ministry of Education says Public Universities charging above the 15 percent approved fee increment for public universities and tertiary institutions will be punished.

The National Union of Ghana Student (NUGS) has raised red flags over some public universities charging above the approved 15 percent fee increment for the 2022-2023 academic year.

The Union has subsequently petitioned some relevant state institutions including Parliament for their concerns to be addressed.  

Commenting on the situation on Starr News with Ekow Boakye, the Public Relations Officer for the Ministry, Kwasi Kwarteng indicated that no university found charging above the approved fee will be spared.

“I am saying that whenever we have an official complaint as a Ministry that any University has charged more than what Parliament approves of course you don’t need Kwesi Kwarteng to confirm this because the law is clear. The legal framework and provision upon which the Appropriation and subsequent approval of fees is done if you go beyond, that’s completely illegality. The necessary action ought to be taken and of course, we will take the necessary action within the framework of the law.   

“The Universities are expected to comply so far as GTEC and the Ministry are concerned it is the 15 percent increment fees of last year that the Universities are supposed to charge. And so far we are aware that is what they are charging, but there are institutions that might flout the GTEC directives,” Mr. Kwarteng stated.

He continued: “In this country everything works within the framework of the law and there is a legal framework that regulates when it comes to the charging of fees by various universities and all tertiary institutions. Particularly those within the public universities space and so the Fees and Charges Act for instance regulates such mandates and provides for the procedures and processes of which the Universities may propose the fees.”

According to him, any fees and charges will have to go to Parliament for approval depending on the Appropriation adding that the Universities cannot on their own determine what they want to charge the students.

“Ultimately what they have to do has to conform with the law. If you look at initially what Universities proposed was way above the 15 percent. But within the wisdom of Parliament resolved that 15 percent of last year’s fees was quite fair and reasonable.”  

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