The Gadangme Traditional Rulers Council is calling on the Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia to halt the construction of a hostels for head-porters also known as ‘Kayayei’ in Accra.

According to them, the project and other similar ones have become a cause of consternation for the traditional leaders, the youth and people of the Ga Adangme who already feel disillusioned and neglected.     

“Excellency, as you are aware the Ga states have lost large tracts of land as contribution to national initiatives including housing and the various arms of the government machinery. This has left a significantly reduced amount of available land for indigenes to make home. For newly available land to be used for such a purpose is an affront to the allodia owners,” a letter to the Vice President’s office reads.

It continued: “It has been alleged that the said project is being directed, funded and coordinated from your good office. This is worrying as we believe you are well aware of the plight of the Ga states and would not allow such to go on.

“We ask that you as a matter of urgency publicly disassociate yourself from this ail-advised project. We also ask that you use your good offices to ask the Mayor of Accra to clear the air on which persons are behind this project and require the work there be halted with immediate effect.”  

Attached is the full letter from the Gadangme Traditional Rulers Council

Source: Ghana/