The Foundation for Security and Development in Africa (FOSDA) and allied Civil Society Organizations (CSO) are calling on the government to ratify the United Nations (UN) treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons.

The CSOs and FOSDA made the call at a workshop organized by FOSDA on the UN Treaty Prohibiting Nuclear Weapons which was organized in collaboration with the International Campaign To Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) in Accra recently.

Speaking in an interview with Starr News, the Executive Director for FOSAD, Theodora Williams Anti highlighted the importance of the government of Ghana to ratify the treaty prohibiting the existence of nuclear weapons.

“We call on the government to ratify the treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons. Ghana has shown tremendous support, interest and goodwill towards the treaty since Ghana signed in 2017. We are very sure that Ghana continues to lead peace and security at the regional and global level. Especially now that Ghana is part of the UN Security Council. So, we are calling on Ghana to take that forward to step up and ratify the treaty. And make sure that all other countries follow.

“We hope that Ghana can ratify and be a state party by the time we are having the second meeting with the state parties to the TPNW in November this year. Our deadline is for Ghana to ratify as soon as possible by August so that it can be a state party to the story,” Mrs. Anit explained.

She continued; “Nuclear weapons have been banned since 2017 and the treaty that prohibits it has been in existence since 2021. FOSDA is rallying all countries behind that treaty to sign and ratify the treaty. It is more crucial and more important now when we have a lot of nuclear war threats coming out of the Russia-Ukraine war. Coming out of North Korea and coming out of all quarters. The world is threatened by nuclear war more than ever since the cold war. This is the time that our voices have to be strong in calling for a total ban on the prohibition of nuclear weapons.”

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