File Photo: Mobile Money vending point

The Mobile Money Agents Association of Ghana has decried the poor security of vendors across the country which leaves the live of the latter at risk.

According to the General Secretary of the Association, Evans Otumfuo, the inability of the State to guarantee the security and safety of mobile money vendors is a bane to their business.

His comment follows the gruesome killing of a Momo vendor at Akatsi in the Akatsi South District of the Volta Region on Tuesday.

Nelson Mandela Zanu, a motor rider who also operated a mobile money shop was killed on Tuesday night while on his way home.

His motorbike and an amount of GHC18,000 cash including mobile phones were taken away by the assailants.

The Avenor Traditional Council in the Volta Region has placed a GHC10,000 bounty on the heads of persons who killed a mobile money vendor.

Speaking to Starr News, Evans Otumfuo expressed worry on lack of security for the vendors adding that it puts a strain on the association.

“Any time it comes to security matters within the momo space it really puts much strain on us. This is a very vital sector of the economy that is really helping to drive business, creating employment and giving government adequate revenue. A major sector that government has introduced e-levy, it means that it plays a significant role.”

He added: “But one major challenge that we keep battling with which appears that the State has no solution is the issue of security and robbery. We are only putting our trust in our own hands and at the same time extending it to the security services. We hope that once the police has responded in the Akatsi killing , it is a sign of good faith that they are really interested in the matter to fish out the perpetrators.”

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