In the face of the autocratic tyranny under the current NPP-Nana Addo/Bawumia Government, a statement suggesting that street protests and demonstrations are less impactful under the current government raises important questions about the most effective means of voicing citizens’ displeasure. While the idea of targeted demonstrations within immediate communities may seem appealing, it is crucial to challenge this excuse and emphasize the importance of mass action in preserving democracy. As a national organizer, it is essential to rally Party members and other citizens from across the country in peaceful protests to demand accountability and protect the fundamental principles of our democracy.

First of all the Power of Collective Action cannot be overestimated. Street protests and demonstrations have historically proven to be powerful tools for effecting change and drawing attention to citizens’ concerns. By mobilizing large numbers of people from diverse backgrounds, national protests create a unified voice that cannot be ignored. It is through this collective action that citizens can demonstrate their determination, passion, and commitment to preserving democracy through peaceful change of power

Secondly, Have we forgotten the idea of Strength in Numbers manifested in the Kumi preko demonstrations? We are aware of how students of the 90s led by some of NDC’s most illustrious sons brought the whole function of Government to a stand still and caused the necessary changes that were demanded. We are not novicies. By organizing national protests, we tap into the strength of numbers. While targeted demonstrations may address specific community issues, they lack the national impact needed to challenge autocratic tendencies on a broader scale. National protests send a clear message that citizens from all corners of the country stand united against any erosion of democratic values, corruption, bad governance, and demand government accountability.

A critical aspect of national protests is their ability to capture national and international attention. By mobilizing people from across the country, we ensure that the grievances and concerns of citizens reach a wider audience. Media coverage of large-scale protests shines a spotlight on government actions and can pressure authorities to address the issues at hand.

Additionally, Democracy requires constant vigilance and active citizen participation. By staging peaceful national protests, we uphold the spirit of democracy and show our commitment to its preservation. Autocratic tendencies must be confronted head-on, and citizens must exercise their democratic rights to ensure that the principles of accountability, transparency, and freedom are upheld.

Finally, National protests provide an opportunity for citizens to connect with one another, share their experiences, and strengthen their resolve to protect democracy. Through peaceful demonstrations, people from diverse backgrounds can come together, fostering a sense of unity and solidarity. This collective spirit is crucial in mobilizing citizens for a common cause, transcending regional or community boundaries.

Apart from all these, there is something more worrying. what Kakra Ken Korankye of the NPP has initiated presents two key scenarios that the NDC as a political party must anticipate: a worse case of JDM being disqualified or heightened sensational legal battle that will distract the NDC and draw its energies from vital issues. In both cases, only the Senegal example should be studied in detail and how it can be modified to be applied peacefully. That is exactly what the national organiser is shying or running away from. If the National organiser indeed said this statement, it may mean a lack of capacity to deliver by confronting the real threats with appropriate actions.
Recent political history suggests that the NDC, unlike the NPP has been unable to respond in good measure to the excesses of the NPP Government. For a party with revolutionary background, one would naturally expect a lot of effective activism and mass mobilization led by its national leaders. However, the NDC has repeatedly shown none of this with little to no action in terms of response, in whatever form, to the atrocities of Ayawaso West Wuogon,the killing of the 8 people in the 2020 elections, the conduct and outome of the supreme court in 2021,using wrong pinksheets for national elections and several others. This has effectively embolded the NPP and its Government to act anyhow.

I like to end by saying that while the idea of targeted demonstrations within immediate communities may have its merits, it is insufficient to address the challenges posed by autocratic tyranny of the NPP Government. As a national organizer, your role is crucial in rallying people from across the country to participate in national protests. Such protests not only draw attention to citizens’ concerns but also send a powerful message of unity and determination to preserve democracy. By standing together, demanding accountability, and upholding democratic values, we can create a strong and resilient society that safeguards the rights and aspirations of all Ghanaians.

By: Kofi Nterful Blay, Elembele NDC

Source: Ghana/