Bolt launches new audio trip recording safety feature for riders and drivers in Ghana Bolt is launching a new feature as part of its in-app safety toolkit, allowing drivers and riders to trigger an audio recording of their trip in the Bolt app if they ever feel uncomfortable during a ride and report it to our Customer Support team.

The feature is part of Bolt’s ongoing investment in upgrades to safety features on its platform. Audio trip recording can only be activated during an ongoing Bolt ride. Bolt can access a recording when shared as an attachment to a safety case raised with Customer Support.

This feature will first be launched and tested in select cities in Ghana, South Africa, and Nigeria. Country Manager of Ghana, David Nikoi at Bolt, said: “At Bolt, safety is our top priority, and the audio trip recording feature is the newest addition to our in-app safety toolkit.

It’s part of our ongoing investment in safety through new products and features. We also have a dedicated in-house, specially trained safety team to ensure that we can continue improving the Bolt app’s safety ecosystem and address any safety issue that can arise fast and efficiently.”

Trip recording is the latest safety feature announced by Bolt, joining a suite of existing rider and driver safety features in its in-app safety toolkit. Other safety features present on the Bolt app include identity verification for drivers during registration and ongoing use of selfie AI technology, trip sharing for riders (real-time location sharing with friends and family), and the emergency assist button to help riders and drivers quickly and discreetly alert emergency services when a difficult situation arises.

David Nikoi further highlighted that: “We constantly raise awareness of our available safety features to riders and drivers by regularly issuing in-app comms. We’ve also recently launched a special feature for drivers, alerting them when they enter unsafe areas.”
Bolt can also block customers and drivers who display inappropriate behavior and offers 24/7 incident support and on-trip insurance.

About Bolt
Bolt is the European super-app with over 150 million customers in over 45 countries and over 500 cities across Europe and Africa. The company seeks to make cities for people, not cars, by accelerating the transition from owned cars to shared mobility, offering better alternatives for every use case, including ride-hailing, shared cars and scooters, and food and grocery delivery