There is a mixture of excitement and eagerness in the Christian community as Peace Keepers Assembly prepares to host Dr. Joshua Talena, Founder and Senior Pastor of Shepherd’s House Assembly International in Nigeria.

Dubbed “Apostolic Invasion,” the event promises a night filled with powerful teachings, divine encounters and remarkable impartation of apostolic grace.

“A deeper connection to God is what is required in these times,” said Pastor Selase Annum, Head of the Peace Keepers Assembly media team in an interview with the media.

He noted that the church is organizing the event as part of its duty to prepare members for discipleship and community outreach in Kwabenya.

“We want to grow the faith of all attendees and deeply ingrain the Word of God in their lives,” Mr Annum added. “One highlight will be Dr. Talena’s emphasis on apostolic teachings and the impartation of spiritual gifts.”

The night, he added, also promises soul-stirring worship as powerful musicians like Minister David Rains, Minister Prissy and DAT would take congregants to another realm of spiritual encounters.

Mr Annum noted that congregants will witness a charged atmosphere, powerful prophecies and miracles as they connect deeply with the Holy Spirit.

Beyond its importance for members, he said the event holds meaning for Ghana’s wider Christian community.

It presents a rare opportunity for spiritual growth, deeper faith and restored hope amid challenging times. Many would depart with massive restoration, inspired, spiritually uplifted and faith renewed.

The Church is happy to welcome all to join the spiritual encounter which is set to start at 5:30pm on August 4 at its auditorium, off Kwabenya Community Clinic Road towards Tipper Truck Station.