The highly anticipated “Walk for Life” event, organized by Football Administrator Nana Kobo, is all set to take place tomorrow at the Mile 7 Astro Turf.

This health walk, which starts at 6am, is aimed at encouraging a healthier lifestyle among participants, and has garnered attention for its impactful mission and high-profile attendees.
Notable figures expected to grace the event include Moses Anim, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for the Trobu constituency and representatives from the Ga North Municipal Assembly.

The event holds particular significance as it marks the 10th edition of the “Walk for Life.”
The inaugural event was held on December 10, 2014, and since then, it has consistently grown in popularity, drawing individuals from various walks of life.

Nana Kobo, the driving force behind this initiative, expressed his dedication to supporting others, even in small ways.

“I cannot help everyone. But in every space you find yourself, you must help people benefit from you in a way,” he explained during an interview with Accra-based UTV.

He further highlighted the positive outcomes that individuals can achieve through improved fitness and health, adding, “if through my health walk someone comes to exercise and burn some fats and is deemed healthy by doctors, the person will consider me to have helped improve an aspect of his life.”

The designated route for the walk will begin at the Mile 7 Astro Turf, proceed through the old Peace FM building, extend to the Ofankor Overhead, and conclude back at the starting point.

This designed path ensures participants enjoy both the health benefits of walking and the camaraderie of community engagement.

In light of the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, Nana Kobo mentioned that the health walk had been suspended for the past two years.

However, this year’s event signifies a triumphant return, symbolizing hope and a commitment to fostering wellness.

As the event draws near, participants are gearing up for a day of physical activity, shared purpose, and a collective step towards healthier lives.