In the dynamic realm of marketing, where creativity and strategy converge, few individuals shine as brightly as Shirry Borketey Manison. A true maven of his craft, Shirry has carved a remarkable path as a marketing expert, revolutionizing the way brands connect with their audiences. With a diverse portfolio that spans industries and across West Africa, Shirry is known to exhibit excellence and is tagged as unmatched.

Shirry’s journey began with a vision—a vision to reshape the marketing landscape through innovation and creativity. With an impressive track record of spearheading successful campaigns for both local and international clients, he has earned his place as a sought-after marketing expert on a global scale.

In the digital age, Shirry stands as a pioneer of cutting-edge digital marketing. From harnessing the power of social media to crafting immersive virtual experiences, he has harnessed the potential of technology to create meaningful connections between brands and their audiences. He successfully spearheaded the Kia World Cup’ promotion, making it one of the most impactful Kia campaigns in the African market during the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup, as the Marketing head at Rana Motors and Metal Works Engineering Co. Limited in Accra, Ghana.

At the heart of Shirry’s approach is a deep understanding of the art of storytelling. His ability to transform brand narratives into captivating stories that resonate with audiences is unparalleled. Through meticulous research and a keen grasp of consumer insights, he crafts narratives that not only capture attention but also leave a lasting impact.

He is an expert in the areas of; Business Development, Strategic Marketing Management, Integrated Marketing Communication and Media.Shirry’s expertise lies not just in creative ideation, but in strategic implementation. His data-driven approach ensures that every campaign is backed by insights, resulting in strategies that drive engagement, conversions, and growth. Shirry’s dedication to measurable results sets him apart as a marketer who delivers tangible value to his employers and clients.

As the marketing manager at Rana Motors, he is responsible for the marketing and business development of 6 car brands; Kia, Jeep, Fiat, Fiat professional, Ram and Dodge in the Ghanaian market.

Mr Borketey Manison at Rana Motors also led the setting up and launching of Rana Motors Assembly plant and other new showrooms across the country.

From 2010 to now, Mr Manison has worked with renowned brands like; Rigworld Training Center as the Business Development Manager for West Africa Region, Renault Ghana as Marketing Manager, Key Account Manager at EIB Network and Sales Executive at Citi FM. His expertise has earned him three awards; from Manager of the Year (2017) at Renault Ghana to being awarded twice as Sales Executive of the Month at CITI FM. He was an Emergency Response Team Member at Rigworld Group.

He is an Alumni of the University of Professional Studies (UPSA) and holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, and also has a Master’s Degree from Ghana Institute of Journalism.

Mr Manison holds certificates of Essentials of Upstream oil and Gas Industry from Aberdeen Drilling School, OPITO BOSIET with CA EBS, Rigworld Training Center.

Shirry is an Associate Member of Chartered Institute of Marketing, Affiliate Member of the Institute of Public Relations Ghana, Certified Member of both Project Management Institute Global and Project Management Institute Ghana Chapter.

As the marketing landscape continues to evolve, Shirry Borketey Manison remains at the forefront of innovation. His passion for staying ahead of trends, coupled with his unwavering commitment to excellence, propels him towards even greater achievements in the years to come.

Shirry’s journey from a marketing enthusiast to a globally recognized expert serves as an inspiration to aspiring marketers and industry veterans alike. His dedication, expertise, and unyielding passion for his craft serve as a reminder that with the right blend of creativity and strategy, the possibilities in the world of marketing are limitless.

In a world where marketing shapes perceptions, drives growth, and tells stories, Shirry Borketey Manison stands as a true luminary, illuminating the path towards marketing brilliance.