Priscilla Araba Cournooh, Manager, Enterprise Direct- Stanbic Bank

In a world driven by constant change, one key element remains the heartbeat of sustainability: PEOPLE.

It is not surprising that companies are always looking to invest in sectors of technology such as AI which is currently the new drive that is trying to replace human capital however, we seem to forget that the real engineers behind AI are human input stemming from their creative ideas. 

Human capital encompasses the skills, knowledge, experience, and potential of an organization’s workforce. Sustainability through human capital, therefore, refers to the practice of integrating sustainable business practices and principles into an organization’s operations and culture, with a specific focus on the development and empowerment of its employees. Human capital is the invaluable force that empowers businesses to thrive. After all, it is the passion, dedication, and ingenuity of individuals that breathe life into any entity.

It goes without saying that a workplace where the atmosphere is vibrant with joy and fulfillment is largely a productive one. Happy employees are not just another checkbox in a company’s HR policy; they are the backbone of success. When employees feel valued, appreciated, and content, they channel their positive energy into their work, and this happiness reverberates through the organization, driving productivity, creativity, and innovation, propelling the business to new heights.

A flourishing business relies on more than just profits; it is the lasting connections with customers that lay the foundation for its continued prosperity.

The core philosophy of sustainability revolves around nurturing life, resources, and growth to create a lasting impact. Just like a gardener lovingly tends to a plant, it is the responsibility of individuals to groom the next generation to carry forward the torch of businesses and initiatives they started.

Sustainability, The Winning Way

Best organizations will continue to be shining examples of sustainability achieved through the power of human capital. Passionate employees, committed to their mission, go the extra mile, displaying unwavering dedication that keeps the business thriving.

Amongst the strategies many companies employ to ensure sustainability through its human capital, the following are worthy of mention.

Top of the list is diversity and inclusion: Promoting diversity and inclusion within the workforce has been essential for the companies’ survival in the competitive turf characterized by the working industry. Embracing people from different backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives fosters innovation, creativity, and adaptability, and makes them recognize their contribution to the greater goal.

Again, prioritizing the well-being of employees has been crucial for a sustainable working culture. Providing a healthy work-life balance, mental health support, and opportunities for personal development has led to a more engaged and motivated workforce.

Over the years, successful companies have invested substantially in continuous training and education programs for employees, and this has been vital in ensuring they stay updated with the latest developments in competitive working practices.

To top it off, they encourage strong, responsible, and ethical leadership, creating an environment where leaders act as role models by demonstrating a commitment to ethical decision-making and sustainability.

As we ponder the concept of sustainability, we inevitably come to the realization that business is not just about profits, eco-friendly practices, or cutting-edge technologies; it is fundamentally about people, people who breathe life into ideas, concepts, and endeavors.

Much like a beautiful party without guests, sustainability flourishes when people embrace the circle of life. Succession planning and grooming future leaders ensure that an entity can carry its purpose forward beyond any single individual’s tenure. By nurturing talent and inspiring the next generation. Organizations create a ripple effect that extends far into the future.

As we navigate an ever-changing world, let us remember that true sustainability lies in cherishing and investing in our human capital. When we prioritize the well-being of our employees, customers, and future generations, we foster a world where businesses flourish, legacies endure, and dreams continue to thrive.

In sum, the journey of sustainability begins and ends with people. Let us be the caretakers of this beautiful planet and the champions of a brighter, more sustainable future. Together, we can create a world where businesses succeed, communities prosper, and the human spirit shines as the guiding light towards a better tomorrow.

Priscilla Araba Cournooh, Manager, Enterprise Direct- Stanbic Bank

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