Cecilia Abena Dapaah is the Sanitation Minister

According to the most recent court records submitted by the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP), Cecilia Dapaah’s deceased brother’s bank account was actively transmitting money to the former sanitation minister.

The Office has made several attempts to corroborate the confiscation of allegedly tainted properties belonging to Madam Dapaah, but this is the most recent.

Recently, the OSP froze various bank accounts with over 40 million transactions and seized millions of dollars in cash from the former Minister.

The OSP was told to return the money to Cecilia Dapaah by the Accra High Court after it declined to confirm the seizures and freezing order.

The Special Prosecutor complied but is now back in court to request confirmation of the seizure.

The former Minister is believed to have millions of cedis, according to documents submitted to the court by the Office of the Special Prosecutor, albeit the OSP claims it was unable to determine the source of those funds.

Additionally, there are new allegations in the petition that money was still being sent to Cecilia Dapaah’s accounts from an account that belonged to the deceased brother of the former Minister.

The first respondent’s (Cecilia Dapaah) bank account’s statements underwent analysis, and the results showed very dubious activities involving the deceased first respondent’s brother, Nana Akwasi Essan.

The aforementioned Nana Akwasi Essan passed away in January 2022, and neither a probate record nor letters of administration for personal representatives are housed at any banking institutions.

“Strangely, there are active transfers from the deceased person’s bank account to that of the first respondent’s account”, the filing alleges.

The OSP further allege that “as recently as September 19, 2022, and May 23, amounts of ¢10,450 and ¢11,280 respectively were transferred, supposedly by the deceased brother to the first respondent (Cecilia Dapaah).”

On October 18, 2023, the High Court will hear the case as the Special Prosecutor makes another effort to confirm the amount of money that has been seized and the freezing of the Bank accounts.

Source: Ghana/Starrfm.com.gh