Dignitaries unveiling the CWG Ghana at 20 anniversary logo

CWG Ghana, a leading provider of IT solutions and services across the continent, has launched its 20th anniversary celebrations with a special event themed ‘Positioning Africa to Maximise the Future.’ Customers, partners, government officials, and other stakeholders attended the event.

In his welcome address, Founder and Chairman of CWG Plc, parent company of CWG Ghana, Austin Kwesi Okere, reflected on the company’s journey over the past 20 years and its commitment to helping Africa maximize its future potential.

“When we started CWG Ghana 20 years ago, we saw a huge opportunity to replicate our proven strategy of service excellence and customer intimacy in a rapidly growing market. Ghana has since become a major player in the African economy, and we are proud to have played a role in its growth and development,” he said.

CWG Founder, Austin Okere delivering a speech at CWG Ghana’s 20th anniversary launch

CWG Ghana has provided IT solutions and services to a wide range of Ghanaian businesses, including telecoms, banking, oil and gas, and government. The company has also been instrumental in supporting the growth of Ghana’s tech sector, through initiatives such as the CWG Academy, which provides training and employment opportunities for fresh graduates.

“As we look to the next 20 years, we are committed to deepening our local product and service offerings, thereby providing superior value to our customers, while conserving our scarce foreign exchange reserves. We are also focused on supporting the growth of Ghana’s tech sector and helping to position Africa for the future,” Mr. Okere added.

The founder of the Group also underscored the significance of strengthening both its foundations and partnerships in order to enhance its services for the extensive customer base in Ghana and Africa’s digital ecosystem. He emphasized that these partnerships are essential for enabling the African continent to fully capitalize on the advantages of digital and technology-driven solutions spanning crucial sectors of the economy.

Leadership of CWG after the official launch of CWG Ghana at 20 anniversary

In addition to his remarks, Mr. Okere also recognized the company’s customers, partners, regulators, and staff for their contributions to CWG Ghana’s success. He also paid special tribute to past Managing Directors of CWG Ghana, Thaddeus Babaoye, Femi Ibine, and Anthony Dadzie for their pioneering work.

On his part, the Director-General of the National Information Technology Agency (NITA), Richard Okyere-Fosu, expressed his appreciation and admiration for CWG Ghana’s significant contributions to the field of technology across various sectors across the country.

He underscored the pivotal role CWG Ghana has played in advancing and promoting technological advancements in the country and further highlighted the importance of such partnerships and collaborations in driving Ghana’s digital transformation agenda forward, praising CWG for its unwavering commitment to the nation’s technological progress.

“CWG’s invaluable contributions to the technological growth of Ghana cannot be overstated,” the NITA DG said while pledging his outfit’s continued support to CWG.

The CWG Ghana story

The Managing Director of CWG Ghana, Harriet Attram Yartey in chronicling the formative years said the challenges faced gave rise to the resilience that has seen the company remain a leader in its class.

“In those early days, we faced challenges that tested our mettle, obstacles that would have deterred the faint-hearted. Yet, it was precisely during these trying times that the core of CWG Ghana was forged. Our team, our family, rallied together with a shared determination, bound by a collective spirit, to surmount these hurdles and pioneer a new path in the dynamic and ever- evolving ICT landscape,” she remarked.

The 20th anniversary

Mrs. Yartey explained that anniversary celebration, which she described as “a testament to the company’s enduring dedication to Ghana and the broader African continent,” will be a year-long programme encompassing a series of exciting events and activities.

These include a groundbreaking technology conference featuring key players in the tech industry, a meaningful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative called ‘ICT for Girls,’ which will be conducted in collaboration with a prominent ICT company, a gala night and several others.

The country MD further affirmed the company’s readiness to tackle forthcoming challenges within the technology sector over the next two decades. She also advocated for heightened investments within Ghana’s technology ecosystem and emphasised the importance of establishing a favourable business environment for key industry stakeholders.

“We are fully prepared to tackle any challenges in the tech sector for the next two decades. We are also calling for increased investment in Ghana’s tech ecosystem, and it’s crucial to ensure a business-friendly environment for our industry’s key players,” she remarked.

Mrs. Yartey conveyed her deep appreciation to pivotal figures in the technology sector, regulatory bodies, partners, and loyal customers for their steadfast support of CWG Ghana throughout the past two decades.

CWG Ghana

CWG Ghana is a systems solutions company which specializes in a wide array of IT services including: communications, and integration services, infrastructure services, managed and support services, cloud services, and software.

As a leading provider of IT services across Africa, CWG Ghana operates a firmly established partnership network which connects businesses, enterprises, governments, customers, and consumers, utilizing value-added services to help them efficiently drive processes, and improve across their respective activities. The company also has footprints in other African countries.

Source: Ghana/Starrfm.com.gh/103.5FM