The National Lottery Authority (NLA) has introduced yet another Draw to its Daily Draws, An Afternoon Draw dubbed NoonRush. The Draw was held at the Head Office of Ghana Post, Accra.

Citing Section 23 of the National Lotto Act and LI 1948, which mandates NLA “to conduct Draws at a given date, place and time,” and  Section 2, (4) of the National Lotto Act, which mandates the Authority to hold Draws in collaboration with third parties, Mr. Awuku also announced a Partnership Agreement with Ghana Post to bring its games closer to the public.

In the spirit of the partnership, NLA launched the Noon Rush Draw at the premises of Ghana Post.

The new addition, Noon Rush Draw, which would be held at 1:00 PM from Monday to Saturday, giving patrons of NLA Games multiple chances to win in a day, can be played on NLA’s Point of sale terminals and their Online Channel,*959#. 

This brings the Authority’s Daily Draws to three: the VAG Lotto Draw at 10:00 AM, NoonRush at 1:00 PM and the popular Evening Draws at 7:15 PM.

The Director-General of NLA, Mr. Samuel Awuku, on August 1, 2023, announced the introduction of the NoonRush Draw at the launch of the Authority’s new state-of-the-art Draw Machines and unveiling of its new ultra-modern Draw Studio.

According to Mr Awuku, NLA recently attained Level 2 Certification in Responsible Gaming from the World Lottery Association (WLA) and is working on achieving Level 3 by the end of the year.  Holding multiple Draws daily is, therefore, in conformity with the Authority’s obligations as a WLA member. 

Following the launch of the NoonRush Draw, the Director-General of NLA, Mr. Samuel Awuku and the Managing Director of Ghana Post, Mr. Bice Osei-Kuffour, signed the Partnership Agreement to play NLA’s Games at Ghana Post.

Consequently, NLA’s Games are now available on point-of-sale terminals in over 50 Post Offices across the country.

According to the Director-General, Mr. Samuel Awuku, while digitalization allows a cross-section of players to play from the comfort of their homes on smart devices on NLA’s Online Platform,  this collaboration with Ghana Post forms part of NLA’s quest to reach out to its conservative players who are sentimentally attached to playing from NLA’s Point of Sale Terminals.

Mr Awuku said the collaboration also seeks to raise revenue for both organizations.

“With this Partnership, NLA and Ghana Post are two state-owned organisations promoting each other’s business and generating revenue for our respective organizations, and I believe this venture must be supported”.

Managing Director of Ghana Post, Mr Bice Osei-Kuffuor, on his part, said the Partnership Agreement is a testament to the reinvigorated Ghana Post and called on Service Providers to do business with the company.

“This, like many other partnerships entered into, is a manifestation of the new energies Ghana Post is emitting to, attracting giants like the National Lottery Authority to do business with us,” Mr Osei-Kuffour said.

Mr. Osei-Kuffuor also noted that Ghana Post’s Offices are in every district and region of the country, and the company is working on having NLA’s Games at other Post Offices by the end of the year.

Ghana Post is working with NLA through its intermediary, Lotto Pay Solutions Ltd.  Lotto Pay Solutions Ltd is a Lotto Marketing Company (LMC) retailing NLA’s products at over 50 selected Post Offices nationwide.

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