Kwamina Asomaning, Chief Executive -Stanbic Bank Ghana

Kwamina Asomaning, Chief Executive of Stanbic Bank Ghana, has encouraged young graduates to imbibe the values of perseverance and resilience to achieve success in life. Mr. Asomaning was speaking at the graduation ceremony of the University Basic School at the Great Hall of the University of Ghana.

Kwamina Asomaning, who is also an alumnus of the University Basic School, shared advice in a story of a bamboo seedling, that encapsulates the values of perseverance, resilience, and unwavering self-belief. In the tale, a despairing businessman, having lost everything, sought solace in the woods and had a profound encounter with God. God shared the story of bamboo, explaining how it took five years for the bamboo seed to sprout while its roots grew stronger. During this time, the bamboo’s roots developed the strength to support the towering growth that followed.

Mr. Asomaning emphasized that their struggles today are nurturing the roots of their future success. He noted that “growth takes time, and every individual’s journey is unique. Just like the bamboo seed took years to sprout while its roots grew stronger, your struggles today are nourishing the roots of your future success. I encourage you to embrace setbacks and moments of doubt, recognizing them as essential parts of your personal growth.”

Kwamina Asomaning’s message served as a reminder to the young graduates that they are all on their individual paths, and their potential might take time to surface. He urged the graduates to keep nurturing their passions, keep striving, and keep believing in themselves. “Your journey is unique, and your time to shine will come,” he assured them. Mr. Asomaning concluded his address by encouraging the young graduates to be as resilient as the bamboo, to invest in themselves, and to keep their dreams alive. He emphasized that although the road ahead might not always be easy, with determination and the belief that they can excel in whatever they put their minds to, they will find their purpose and make a difference in the world.

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