Joseph Amo-Adjei (left) with co-panelists at the 2023 Ghana Garden and Flower Show

Joseph Amo Adjei, the Manager of Risk Governance, ESG, and Sustainability at Stanbic Bank Ghana, recently participated in a panel discussion themed ‘Green to Riches.’

During this discussion, Adjei shed light on how agribusinesses can enhance their appeal to financial institutions, such as banks, for funding.

Mr. Amo Adjei, emphasizing Stanbic Bank’s commitment to Ghana’s growth, especially in the agricultural sector, said, “At Stanbic Bank, we consider Ghana our home, and we are dedicated to driving its development. To achieve national growth, we recognize the pivotal role of the agricultural sector. There is tremendous potential for the youth to venture into green entrepreneurship, simultaneously securing a livelihood while contributing to the nation’s food security. The presence of vendors from across the country at this year’s fair is a testament to the opportunities available for harnessing our natural resources and turning ‘green’ into ‘riches.’”

He offered guidance to startup agribusinesses, encouraging them to refine their operations to become attractive to banks. Mr. Amo Adjei highlighted the SBIncubator, a hub created by Stanbic Bank to support and nurture startup enterprises. He elaborated, “The SBIncubator is a space where youth and entrepreneurship converge. We provide training in crafting compelling business and marketing proposals, along with financial literacy training to help them formulate robust business plans. We also guide them on generating equity to kickstart their businesses.”

Joseph Amo Adjei also urged businesses to embrace Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices, emphasizing their role in shaping a sustainable future. He shared compelling data, saying, “Research has consistently shown that businesses that adopt ESG practices tend to outperform those that do not. At Stanbic Bank Ghana, we firmly believe in harnessing our natural resources responsibly. This is why we are proud to partner with Stratcomm each year to make events like this possible. By contributing to environmental protection, businesses enhance their brand and contribute positively to humanity. Sustainability and profitability are not mutually exclusive, as evidenced by successful case studies right here in Ghana.”

Stanbic Bank Ghana has a longstanding history of supporting agricultural ventures in the country. The bank has been a stalwart supporter of the Ghana Garden and Flower Show, an annual flagship event of the Ghana Garden and Flower Movement, an initiative by Stratcomm Africa, for over a decade.

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