The La Agbawɛ Divisional Council has installed a new for Chief for Oyarifa, Nii Sowah Gbɔbilɔ Djata II.

The installation was necessitated after two rounds of voting which saw Kplen We winning in the elections and legitimate house for the throne.

Subsequently, Kplen We submitted two persons for vetting which saw the selection and installation of Mr. Michael Mensah Kodia now Nii Sowah Gbɔbilɔ Djata II as the legitimate Chief for Oyarifa.

Under the auspices of La Agbawɛ Mantsɛ Miyemliniaba Nii Adjei Asua Oweeni II and the Supreme Council of La-Agbawe for which the Agbawe Mantse is the head, together with the Oyarifa elders arranged election through the ballot box to select a substantive chief for Oyarifa.

The Oyarifa Stool has been vacant for the past forty (40) years.

The first voting was conducted on Monday July 3 2023 in the presence of the Council members and the Oyarifa elders which had Kplen We winning.

Due to some challenges there after another election was held on October 16, 2023 also had Kplen We emerging as winner of an election involving seven (7) houses.

“After the October 2023 election for selection of a substantive chief of Oyarifa, Kplen We emerged the victor with three (3) points of the eligible votes cast. Categorically, it is from the house of Kplen We ONLY that will nominate a candidate.

“There was a unanimous agreement to let the voting/results go through legal proceedings within a meaningful duration before the victor house is summoned to nominate a candidate (or two candidates) for screening within a time frame of less than two (2) weeks.

“Agbawe Mantsɛ, Miyemliniaba Nii Adjei Asua Oweeni II affirmed and confirmed that the voting results on Monday, October 16, 2023 would NEVER change in any form or shape,” the document signed the The La Agbawɛ stated.

Attached is the full document from Agbawe Mantsɛ

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