Former Chief Justice, Sophia Akuffo says Judges who have found themselves in trouble are those who are fond of over-socializing.

According to her, Judges by their training are not supposed to over socialize and must not even have time for partying.

Speaking on Starr Chat on Starr FM with Host, Bola Ray, the legal luminary said in her time as a Judge she never went out to social centres to have fun.

When the host submitted that her life as a Judge would be boring the former Chief Justice responded that she had fun reading legal books and doing research.

“My life is my books because when you are a Judge there are cases that have just been handed to you. Before you step into court to deal with the hearing of those matters whether it is mere application or writs which are ready for hearing you must have read everything and if you are wise you would also even make notes, you would also start your research and then you finish in court but you have not finished. Part 2 is to be preparing for the judgement. You go into the law dictionary or go online to look for some case because you remember something in a certain case.”

She added: “No time for parties, you shouldn’t. Any Judge who is busy partying is not busy working and it is also ill-advised. Judges who get into trouble are those who over-socialize. There is something called judicial temperament, judicial attitude , the intangible. Sometimes you pick these up watching your colleagues or something tells you that this is how you should do your things…It is choice, anytime you think this is getting to you, you can resign as a Judge.” 

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